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the methodology

The best opportunity to learn these skills is at The Vedic Math workshop and revolutionise the way you do Math!

The workshop is dynamic, unique and effective with interactive discussions, presentations, numerous examples, explanations, mental exercise, worksheets and patented workbooks with a focus on developing and transferring skills spontaneously.

At the end of the workshop the participant will uncover the true meaning and essence of mental arithmetic and walk away becoming a Math Genius.

The Spectrum

     Level 1      Level 2      Level 3
Square Cubes & Cube Roots Calculus Methods
Multiplication Algebraic Division Transformations
Vertically & Crosswise Divisibility Complex Numbers
Faster Division Factorization Trigonometry
Square Roots Pythagoras Theorem Simple Harmonic Motion
Fractions Systems of Equations Projectile Motion
Faster Addition & Sum of Series Forces in Equilibrium


Who Will Benefit

All who need to learn the practical tools to become more effective immediately and gain a competitive edge.

There is simply no limit to who can learn. Highly recommended for students from Standard VII onwards, Competitive exam aspirants (AIEEE, IIT, CAT, GMAT, SAT, GRE, etc.), Engineers, Professionals, Teachers, Executives, Parents, etc.


Organize a Workshop

You can organize The Vedic Math Workshop in your school, college, university or organization.

The Vedic Math Academy adds value to your school by bringing in their expert team of trainers to train your students in this amazing system bringing out the best in them.

We train from Standard VII (12 years onwards) and there is simply no limit to who can learn.

To organize a workshop in your organization contact The Vedic Math Academy and we will be happy.